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we introduce new drama, documentary and animation to a global audience


We broadcast amazing films, support powerful conversations and help form new audiences.  It's a fact: In an era of fake news and social media bubbles we are building an alternativeCollaborating with filmmakers, companies, organizations, schools, universities and angel donors we work with filmmakers whose films we've published on our platform.  You can enjoy a film with your family and friends in the comfort of your living room – or on your smart phone. You will also be financially supporting independent filmmakers who have created these unique films to support influential new conversations.



A Global Festival of Film and Filmmakers


We Are Moving Stories is the world's largest online community for new voices in film. We have introduced 2000 films to new audiences!  We broadcast, embrace and support new voices in drama, documentary, animation, web series, women's films, LGBTQIA+, POC, First Nations, scifi, horror, environmental and world cinema.  We also connect films to causes, audiences, producers, distributors, sales agents, buyers, film festival directors and media.  And here's a good news story - over 50%+ of our contributors are women.  Our profiles describe the passion, strength and intelligence filmmakers need for their films to reach an audience.  And if you are a filmmaker who has made a new film - and would like to find a new audience - we want to hear from you.  It all works together.