Case Study: Support Welcome To Eltham / Watch Spaghetti Film

Hi, I'm Nina and I'm a graphic designer. I love Eltham. I was born nearby in Monty, grew up in Diamo and now live in Eltham. I married a local boy I met at high school and both my kids were born here. Eltham is a special place. Whenever someone new moves in, we go over with a car and a gift and introduce ourselves.

We see what we can do to help and invite them to visit. So in June last year when we heard that there was a group of Syrians and Iraqis moving in down the road, a bunch of neighbours got together to see what we could do to extend that same warm welcome to them. Thus Welcome to Eltham was born.


In eight months we have created a network of over 8,000 generous souls. These people represent local schools, businesses, politicians, churches, sports groups, community groups and many, many neighbours.


Our job has been harnessing the incredible goodwill in our community. One way we've done this is through housewarming gifts for our new neighbours - food hampers, hand crafted toys and blankets, a book of welcome messages and more.

Another way we would like to do this is to have a good, old-fashioned BBQ with our new neighbours. With the funds raised we will buy food and drinks to do just that!

In return we would like to thank you by giving you a gift - watching the 'Spaghetti' film with your family. It's a heartwarming film which promotes harmony in our community.

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What's Spaghetti about?

On a day that seems no different to any other, 8-year-old Eddie begins his day the same as every other, with a big bowl of piping-hot tinned spaghetti.

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When he arrives at school, he notices someone new that will change his young life forever and questions his feelings towards the very thing that he loves the most.

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Spaghetti is a story about a young boy who discovers love and struggles to deal with the ensuing emotions. Read more here

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Here's what people have to say about it:

This film has really good character strengths like cooperation, kindness - and it’s funny.
— Gisela, age 8
An Aussie film with plenty of heart and lots of laughs. It stars Logie award winner Gyton Grantley and young actors Noah Wiseman who shone in The Babadook and up-and-coming Eloise Joo. It’s won lots of awards and been screened at film festivals in Australia and overseas. For anyone who’s ever gone to school - been young or felt different.
— Carmela, We Are Moving Stories

This is a story for all ages. The audience will relate closely to the way friendships can be formed over mutual interests.

                                                          - Peter, Director, Spaghetti

Spaghetti Producer Shannon Wong-Nizic   and Writer/Director Peter Nizic

Spaghetti Producer Shannon Wong-Nizic and Writer/Director Peter Nizic

This campaign is now finished



raise AUD300 to pay for food and drinks for thirty people at a Welcome BBQ hosted by Welcome to Eltham



when you donate AUD30 / US21 to Welcome to Eltham you will be able to watch Spaghetti, a short, fun Australian award-winning family film which promotes social harmony