Support p:ear and Portland's Homeless Youth / Watch ONE BIRD AT A TIME


Support p:ear and Portland's Homeless Youth!

(This campaign begins October 10 and ends October 31, 2018)

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How will the campaign fund for change?

Each year, p:ear serves 800 homeless youth, and about 65 youth per day. Whether we're providing home-cooked meals and dry socks or custom mentoring or on-the-job training, we know that when we support and believe in our kids, we create a healthier community — for everyone.

Why do you want other people to support you?

People can give time, money or resources to help support p:ear! See for our current needs lists, how to volunteer and donation info.

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Why is your organization so unique?

At p:ear our work starts with the realities of today. It ends when young people find and embrace tomorrow. Our beauty—our core essence—is in everything in between. It’s in the kids, their daily experience, their struggles, and triumphs. It’s in their journey. We believe every homeless youth has a future.

Why do you need to raise these funds?

It doesn’t take much to create an environment for someone to experience love, trust and hope. All gifts allow us to provide youth with the little tokens of relationship building — like coffee, socks, or a new journal — that will make all the difference as they begin their journey inside p:ear.




when you donate US15 to p:ear you will be able to stream female filmmaker Darcy Miller’s ONE BIRD AT A TIME, a comedy webseries that is funny, absorbing and thought-provoking.



Endorsement from Darcy Miller, ONE BIRD AT A TIME Actor/Writer/Director/Producer

A number of One Bird at a Time’s episodes are concerned with the social problems most visible on our streets and in our daily lives  — homelessness being one of the biggest. p:ear deals directly with an area which is both painful to realize, and one where we can make a lot of change: homeless youth. Their programs help young people live, trust, and find stability in their lives again.

Actor/Writer/Director/Producer Darcy Miller

Actor/Writer/Director/Producer Darcy Miller

More about ONE BIRD AT A TIME:

A heartfelt, comedic web series about what happens when you get in over your head trying to do good in the world.


Since I was a kid, I have been interested in how, as individuals, we can make a difference in the world. There are so many people struggling in our society right now – what’s our role? What’s our responsibility? In One Bird, the main character Julie struggles with how to help. She usually fumbles, makes a mess of it, but she always tries. We used comedy so that we could talk about some serious stuff, but still make it relatable and a lot of fun to watch.
— Darcy Miller - actor, writer, director, producer, ONE BIRD AT A TIME
We Are Moving Stories is proud to stream Darcy Miller’s impressive web series ‘One Bird at a Time’. We believe ‘One Bird at a Time’ is both entertaining and thought-provoking. It will delight and absorb audiences who want to stream a new comedy - and also help to raise much needed cash for worthy causes.
— Carmela Baranowska - Founder, WE ARE MOVING STORIES
One Bird at a Time

One Bird at a Time