Melbourne Documentary Film Festival - Closure



In Colombia a generation ago, Natalie was married to a violent gangster. Now for the first time, she tells her story publicly. Re-enacting her mother's story is Kathleen, who is on her own mission to discover the truth about the father she never met.


Length: 3:43

Director: Joshua Marks

Producer: Danielle Reston

Joshua has a keen interest in parent child relationships and exploring this in the documentary format. Recently married to Karly it is increasingly more important.

Danielle brings her charismatic nature to empower people around her to work as an effective team, she has produced a suite of short films to festivals around the world.

Made in association with: Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS)

Release date: 2014

Congratulations! Why did you make your film?

At AFTRS we had to interview a batch of people for our next project, we couldn’t believe when we first met Natalie and Kat. How theatrical their story was and instantly we knew that this was an important story that for the first time could be explored.

 Imagine I’m a member of the audience. Why should I watch this film?

It is a modern Australian story. A story about family, a story about sacrifice, a story about love.



How do personal and universal themes work in your film?

We all have family in one way or another, the themes within that are easily accessible. It’s a hybrid documentary, so it’s a real story told through creative reenactment.

How have the script and film evolved over the course of their development and production?

After transcriber the pre interview, we were able to craft a hybrid story in Natalie’s own words and use Kat’s talents as a profession actress on stage and screen to dramatise what her mother went through when she was her age.

What type of feedback have you received so far?

From an audience perspective it's one of disbelief. Some people read it as a typical Hollywood blockbuster and they need to know more. It’s a surprise.

Has the feedback surprised or challenged your point of view?

It has definitely given the confidence to pursue the story further into development. Where to take it from here?

What are you looking to achieve by having your film more visible on

Traction and interest in the story. Natalie intends to finish writing a book on it, and eventually create the story in film in its entirety.

Who do you need to come on board (producers, sales agents, buyers, distributors, film festival directors, journalists) to amplify this film’s message?

Journalists, distributors and festival directors, the story is big and to do it justice would mean a big commitment. With murders and rape, to a miraculous escape from a toxic environment this story clearly has a happy ending, but it’s still raw and coping with what has happened is part of a long and painful process that is helped by Natalie writing her own story and ultimately making it into a feature film. 



What type of impact and/or reception would you like this film to have?

Well, It’s a strong drama. A real drama. The intent is to share a light on ever present subjects that exist not just in Australia, but on an international level. The strength of the family has the power to ruin and rebuild our lives.

What’s a key question that will help spark a debate or begin a conversation about this film?

I think the questions about immigration in Australia, domestic violence as a world wide conversation, and the stigma attached with raising children without a father.

Would you like to add anything else?

It's important that these stories get shared, the more people are educated in other people's lives and how they’ve come through struggle and shone through, the less ignorant peoples opinions will be. Like it was said in particular, immigration is a huge issue in Australia as is domestic violence and broken family upbringings. This real life story is so relevant and current.

What are the key creatives developing or working on now?

The mother Natalie is in writing and development with her daughter.

Joshua is working on a mixture of corporate and independent documentaries and Danielle is disrupting the West Australian screen community with a different approach to how we see films.

Kat is a performing artist - singer, dancer and actor and been able to cross all facets working in Australia and New Zealand


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