One Bird at a Time

One Bird at a Time

In a world where more streaming services seem to crop up every day, this new service offers something original at a time when we could really use it.
— Film Threat
I have always loved “We Are Moving Stories” for the way it champions the voices and stories of unknown filmmakers - especially women. From in-depth interviews to promotion of film screenings, WAMS has supported filmmakers for some time - and now it plans to stream them as well! Now THAT’s something I can get on board with!
— Writer/Creator/Producer Leanne Mangan
Beginning October 10, 2018, We Are Moving Stories will offer exclusive streaming content with a novel payment structure that supports the filmmaker, a nonprofit cause of her choice, and the site itself. “We Are Moving Stories is proud to stream Darcy Miller’s impressive web series ‘One Bird at a Time’, said Founder Carmela Baranowska. We believe ‘One Bird at a Time’ is both entertaining and thought-provoking. It will delight and absorb audiences who want to stream a new comedy - and also help to raise much needed cash for worthy causes.
— Screen Anarchy
We Are Moving Stories focuses on amplifying the work of female-led films and projects with a social mission. Audiences will be able to watch “One Bird at a Time” with one-third of their fee going to support the nonprofitsPOWGirls and p;ear, one-third going directly to the filmmaker, and one-third supporting the ongoing efforts of the site.
— Broadway World
A new online platform, We Are Moving Stories, helps promote progressive screen work and fund causes at the same time. “In the past you could go to the cinema, watch a film and help support your favorite cause at a you can support a cause and receive the gift of watching a film endorsed by your cause. You can do all this in the comfort of your own home.
— FilmInk
We Are Moving Stories also continues as an online platform promoting new voices in drama, documentary, animation, web series. women’s films, LGBTIAQ+, scifi, horror and world cinema. With over 2000 profiles there is now more than 50% women’s participation – an industry record.
— Mumbrella


When we screened the Doucheaholics pilot at Dances With Films in LA two years ago, and then episodes 3 & 4 there last year, my co-creator and writer/director Sean McCarthy did interviews with We Are Moving Stories, and we’ve used those articles ever since in our press kit. You guys are a fantastic platform for indie filmmakers to be seen and heard. You’re doing the Lord’s work team at We Are Moving Stories!
— Producer/Co-Creator/Actor Elizabeth Mitchell

The more people who hear about Letter from Masanjia - An SOS from Across the World, the bigger the audience it will get and the more minds it can open to this important subject. We Are Moving Stories’ audience is exactly the compassionate, intelligent, and worldly subset who I had in mind for this film and who I feel would be motivated to act after seeing it.
— Writer/Director/Producer Leon Lee
Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to find more stories about women made by women. And it’s becoming easier now than before, but it’s because of platforms like We Are Moving Stories. They help perpetuate the normal idea that our world is diverse, filled with different perspectives and stories, and the content that we put out there should be showcasing the same possibilities. I made this film so that young girls could watch more content made by women, and I know that with this platform, I’m on the right track.
— Writer/Director/Editor/Producer Andy Alvarez
I’m enthusiastic about sharing this passion project, Anatomy of an Orchid, with other cinephiles! I’m a queer filmmaker and We Are Moving Stories has covered FrameLine, Female Eye, Outfest, and so many other fests I love. I’m just happy to be part of the conversation.
— Writer/Director Sonja O'Hara
Anatomy of an Orchid

Anatomy of an Orchid

I love your website and want to give you the kudos that you deserve. You give voice to filmmakers who now have an opportunity to tell their individual stories of production. You are helping pull away the curtain, so to speak, so other filmmakers can learn and gain motivation by seeing how things actually get made. To whoever is reading this, go make the thing you want to make! Start with a great script, treat it like an important feature film (no matter how short it is) and make it! The technology to make high quality films is more accessible than ever.
— Producer Joe Russell
Yo today JANE is featured on We Are Moving Stories, a great platform for filmmakers who don’t have their own marketing and PR teams. So...pretty much all of us. Y’all check it out the trailer!
— Writer/Director/Producer Abraham Felix