...this Troll wasn’t too happy when Charlie mentioned he wasn’t a plastic surgeon. Beauty is a beast right?

...this Troll wasn’t too happy when Charlie mentioned he wasn’t a plastic surgeon. Beauty is a beast right?

Three healthcare workers come together in a Doctor’s Surgery for the Undead hoping to advance more than their careers as they save lives, that may take lives, and work to keep themselves alive among a clientele who are distinctive, vibrant, and dangerous …

Length: Each Episode will be around 6 minutes

Director/Producer:  James Pentecost

James completed a Bachelor of Screen Production in 2011.  Since then he has produced, directed and co-written his own web series, been a finalist at Rottofest 2011. He has also written,  produced and directed feature film, ‘Twisted Minds’  and most recently wrote and directed his second feature film, ‘Broken Contract’. ‘Broken Contract’ is currently represented by European sales agent Newgold Entertainment and is due for release later this year.

Looking for:  Promotion, viewers, funders for further episodes and concept evolution.

Funders:  Leon Grey, Anita Barnes, Catriona Coe

Release Date:  End June


Why are you making Boondock Alley?

Anita, Leon and I met a few times through various acting projects and always made each other laugh.  Leon suggested we should work together on a project that would mean we could hang out more and also allow us to engage in what we love – writing, acting and film making.  Boondock Alley was born over late coffees in the city with our writer Richard Hyde.   We’ve worked hard and have learned a lot about commitment, patience and persistence.  We’re a tight team. 

Why should anyone watch this web-series?

No matter what our era, generation, culture, planetary background or state of living or un-deadness, conflict is something that has always found its way to cling to us!  If anyone out there wants to immerse themselves in a world that debates human and non-human rights and values while enjoying a laugh, mystery and intrigue, and some scary moments as creatures and humans seek to co-exist, then they’ll love Boondock Alley!  Warning:  Medical procedures on the Undead can be really messy!!

…beware the smirking Vampire.  What has he been up to?

…beware the smirking Vampire.  What has he been up to?

What is Boondock Alley?

Boondock Alley is an independent web series set in a supernatural world.  We’ve moved reality into non-reality and through humour, and creature to creature interaction I guess we’re showing the day to day human struggles and conflicts in a world that includes the undead and the unimaginable!

These first two episodes are self-funded by the Executive Producers (Leon Grey, Anita Barnes and Catriona Coe).  The aim with these first episodes is to provide a proof of concept to gain interest and further investment to continue the series.  It’s been a 3 year journey from concept to production and we've learned a lot about what it takes to make something happen.  With the right people and the right attitude you can do anything.  

Boondock Alley insights from our website:

Charlie, Evelyn and Lillith work at Boondock Alley. Hidden away at the end of an inner-city alleyway, this doctor’s surgery is only open at night due to its specialised clientele. In spite of the integration laws, it craves anonymity from the humans who are split in their views on its right to exist. Those that need to though, can find it easily – a blood red sign the unmistakeable beacon.

In this place of healing and of shelter, dedicated humans work tirelessly to treat the health issues of the Undead and Other-Wordly. Wrestling with medical dilemmas, conflicts both moral and legal, they extend empathy to the misunderstood and the mis-understandable. Every day they work to save lives- that may take lives – and to keep themselves alive amongst creatures who while recognised by law, remain different, distinctive, vibrant ….and dangerous.

Why a web-series?

We wanted to invest ourselves in a project we could develop and deliver from the ground up.  It was important for us to just dive in creatively and drive our ideas forward when we started.  We explored the idea of funding applications and whether or not Boondock Alley would work as a TV Series and decided that a web-series felt right for the concept for now and gave us scope to play around with ideas that would allow us to show the world what Boondock Alley is all about.  We’re funding this ourselves too so we had to be super conscious of budget!!

How has the script evolved?

Enormously!  Initially we were looking at about 10 minutes an episode until James pulled us into line with best way to go for viewing duration on the web.  We re-worked the content and fought hard to make sure we stayed true to the journeys of the characters amid the action and the intrigue.  It’s hard when you have less script to play with per episode but we got there.  It’s fun working collaboratively, you really get to see how each person’s mind works!

…Creative Team Cluster! 

…Creative Team Cluster! 

Feedback so far?

As we haven’t released yet, the main feedback I can offer is what we received from cast members that were invited or auditioned to get on board.  They all said they loved the idea, they felt the scripts and when we got to set agreed that Boondock Alley was a really cool place to be.  It’s not bad when your work day involves Vampires, Zombies and Werewolves!

Has the feedback surprised or challenged our point of view?

Not yet!  What we’ve developed is really a Proof of Concept and we want to evolve Boondock Alley further.  We are a team of actors/EPS that are open to input from genuine sources that will help us to catapult this series forward and better it all round.  Everyone gets the chance to improve if they listen to feedback. 

For now, early comments are that we’ve got something pretty special here and people are contacting us through Social Media keen to head down into the seedy part of town to our Doctor’s Surgery for the Undead and we’re very happy to take them there!

What are we trying to achieve through this platform?

I guess we all know that having something you believe in and feel is awesome, but if no-one gets to see it, it would be kinda sad!  We’re looking for viewers, contributors, writers, actors and an opportunity for Boondock Alley to grow.  It’s that, really.

Who can amplify the message of the series?

Our series has a strong message and we hope that the humour and the laughs are enjoyed while we hope too that the overall message isn’t missed in that no matter who you are, where you come from, what you look like, what your beliefs are, you deserve respect and support and opportunity. 

Any interest that can assist us in continuing the journey will be accepted gratefully.  So, media, web festival opportunities, funders, distributors, interested writers.  It’d all be welcome!

What type of impact?

Mainly, we hope that people will connect with our characters and how they deal with what the living and the undead throw at them!  It’s not always pretty!

Key question that will spark debate?

Do you believe that the Undead and Other-Worldly that live among us deserve access to Healthcare?


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