Not It


Two sisters find themselves unintentionally employed by the mob and, through a combination of wit and luck, must keep up the ruse that they are hardened criminals.  

Length: 6 episodes (5-7 minutes each)

Director: Chris Crutchfield

Producer: Desiree Abeyta and Angelique Gray

Writer: Angelique Gray

- Angelique Gray is a writer/funny lady who has made appearances at the Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, Stand-up NY, & The Nick Kroll Show. She currently resides in NY & is a lover of dogs, Johnny Cash, & Yuengling beer. 

- Desiree Abeyta is an actress/producer with a love of all things Doctor Who and Joss Whedon. She most recently appeared with Billy Baldwin in "The Christmas Trade" last December.

- Chris Crutchfield is a director/visual efx artist who has directed everything from music videos and promotional spots to viral content. He most recently directed the Jacob Whitesides video for "Focus".

Key cast: Desiree Abeyta, Angelique Gray, Will Brunson, Nick Vargas, Roger Rignack, Jon Chardiet, Julie Zhan, 

Looking for (producers, sales agents, buyers, distributors, film festival directors, journalists): Distributors, PR, Film Festival Directors, Producers

Funders: Kickstarter 

Made in association with: Digital Bolex

Release date: Aug 2016

Where can I watch it? You can check out the first season on youtube: . We're in the process of submitting the second season to festivals!

Desiree Abeyta & Angelique Gray in Season 1: Not It

Desiree Abeyta & Angelique Gray in Season 1: Not It

Congratulations! Why did you make your series?

Des: I think independently we both loved female buddy comedies - I'm a huge "I Love Lucy" fan and Angie grew up loving "Laverne and Shirley". So when she came to me with this idea about two girls who get wrapped up in the mob, it struck a chord and I just thought, "We have to make this".

Angie: I was also tired of seeing female driven work that centered mostly around sex and dating. Not that those shows are bad, it's just not what I wanted to do.  This seemed different and fun and gave me the chance to write female characters who were a little more adventurous.  

Imagine I’m a member of the audience. Why should I watch this series? 

Des: Because it's situational comedy, but with an enjoyable premise that also has a narrative base. I love shows like "Broad City", but also really enjoy shows that are story driven. "Not It" has both. You follow these girls through this ridiculous circumstance and grow with them from episode to episode.  

Angie: And because it's hilarious. 

How do personal and universal themes work in your series?

Angie: I think a lot of personal themes are universal.  These girls get into their mess because they are trying to pay rent and are at a point where they don't have a lot of direction in life - things I think almost anyone can relate to.  

Des: It's a comedy (so it isn't about enlightening anyone as much as providing entertainment), but deep down these girls are trying to find the courage to do something they think is impossible and in the process find who they are. How often in life do we fall into something we think is terrible, and it turns out it's the best thing that could have happened?  

Will Brunson & Nick Vargas (Sammy & Rocco) confront members of the NY Mafia - Season 2

Will Brunson & Nick Vargas (Sammy & Rocco) confront members of the NY Mafia - Season 2

How have the script and film evolved over the course of their development and production?

Des: I think the biggest change came from Angie's original idea of it being a pilot and seeing this as a television series, to deciding to release it on the internet as a web series. The first season was written more like a TV pilot that we ended up splitting up into "episodes" to release on the web. The second season was written specifically as a web series, keeping in mind that each episode needed to be fast paced and have its own mini climax. 

Angie: Also, the original script took place in New York and had a slightly different storyline.  Once Desiree was on board, we switched the location to Los Angeles and rewrote her character to showcase her as an actor.  Then the Goons (Will Brunson and Nick Vargas) improved a lot and it was better than anything I could write. 

I think that's ultimately what you want out of a project, something that evolves with each added piece and person.  When writing the second season, I specifically wrote to everyone's styles and strengths. 

Des: Yeah, Will and Nick really shine in the second season. They are so good! 

What type of feedback have you received so far?

Angie: The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  We have received some criticism, of course, but that is just as helpful.  The overall feeling is that people want to see more.  

Des: Yeah, I think the consensus is that the chemistry we have on screen is enjoyable and the premise is unique and fun. Obviously with budget and other things at our disposal we could do more, but we have gotten creative and really tried to amp up the production value for Season 2. 

Has the feedback surprised or challenged your point of view?

Angie:  It hasn't changed my point of view as much as how I want to execute that point of view.  Feedback has told me that these girls are capable of much more and that people would want to see that.

Not It

Not It

What are you looking to achieve by having your series more visible on

Des: Obviously, more exposure and new viewers is always a good thing!  But what's been incredibly rewarding is getting to know the community of people involved with online content.  We're hoping to connect with others who are out there doing what we do.

Angie: Or anyone who simply just enjoys what we do.  

Who do you need to come on board (producers, sales agents, buyers, distributors, film festival directors, journalists) to amplify this film’s message?

Des: All of the above!  

Angie: Right now we are the producers and distributors, the marketing AND the PR.  We are really passionate about this project and we would love to see it live on and grow into different media (TV, Streaming, etc.) It's just a matter of the right people seeing the potential and wanting to get involved.   

Des: Hopefully, at least one of them will be reading this blog. :) 

What type of impact and/or reception would you like this series to have?

Angie: First and foremost, we want people to laugh and have fun. Because that has been our experience every step of the way on this project.  

Des: Absolutely. We want people to enjoy it and fall in love with these characters like we have. 

Angie: And to exude a little Girl Power along the way.

What’s a key question that will help spark a debate or begin a conversation about this series?

Des: This is a tough question, because I think our intentions are a little more understated. We aren't actually trying to make some huge declarative statement about "women in mafia" or " women taking over the world" (*cue "Run the World" - by Beyonce).

BUT, it's fun to think about what the reality would be, or the probability of, women infiltrating all these various clubs associated only with men in the world. 

Angie: I feel like if Oprah started her own female mafia, it would take over the world.

Des: Truth.

Would you like to add anything else?

Des: Just a thank you for featuring us! And to subscribe to us on youtube! Check out the first season, find us on FB... The usual. 

What are the key creatives developing or working on now?

Angie: Season 2 is in the final stages of post so we are planning to hit the festival circuit later this year.  We are looking to connect with more of our fans and fellow creatives.  Season 3 is also currently in development, so there is much to look forward to! 

Des: We're also currently finding ways to develop more side content and spin offs so that we can keep audiences entertained in between seasons… something that is much harder when your show is in the format ours is.

And we have some other independent things in the works. Angie is a writing machine and has so many other amazing stories the world needs to see. I work for a production company in LA and have been producing nonstop while still being a part of the grind as an actor. We are both chipping away at our goals, "Not It" being at the forefront!