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I am Evangeline (drama)


In a dark and immoral city Evangeline, a naïve runaway clone, desperately tries to change her fate and find the cure she hopes will make her human.

I am Evangeline is a science-fiction thriller with a romantic undertow, set in an alternate now.

I am Evangeline extract. Written and Directed by Christine Rogers. Produced by Jonathan Roper.

Photo credit: Georgia Flood (Evangeline) photo Jason Lau

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TANKED (forthcoming drama)


Waiting for the turn of the key in the door.

The drop of the bag. The removal of the beret. The embrace.

I would wait for that moment the second my husband stepped out of the door. We all did. The wives of. 

 The door was always open. A sofa to sit on at three o'clock in the morning, terrified. But we also laughed, a lot. We danced, sang (kind of), drank vodka and shook it all out!

I was lucky. My hubby came home. Some don’t. Forthcoming drama segment. Written by Kerry Drumm and Directed by Katrina Mathers.




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