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ONE DAY NOTICE is about a timid assistant who attempts to quit his job with one day notice, and his washed up talent-agent boss who gives him a final task: sign Hollywood’s most valuable A-list star... or die. This is SUNSET BOULEVARD meets MISERY.

Interview with director Bryce Marrero, writers Matthew Kic and Mike Sorce and actor /producer Adam Lopez


Congratulations! Why are you making your film?

I think we all want to make this film because it's a strong piece of work. A wickedly fun thrill ride that has a topical message about the ruthless side of Hollywood. And, to speak frankly, it's also a great stepping stone for furthering our careers.

But besides that, we may all have more personal reasons for wanting to do it...

Bryce: I really love the story of Ruth. She's a villain, but one you can understand, and one whose story acts as a great cautionary tale about Hollywood. That fear of being cast aside, and having to claw your way back to the top, is a nightmare that's sadly all too relatable.

Mike: Our aim was to tell a truthful story about ageism and the desperation someone can feel at losing the status they've achieved.

Matt: The four of us have had a lot of ups and downs in the entertainment industry, and in making this film about a young assistant being physically tortured at work and fighting for his life, it's our way of literalizing the experience of what working in this town can feel like.

Adam: I've done too many unhappy shit jobs to list... When I read the script, I felt the psychological pressure that Hunter was going through while working for Ruth and fell in love with his arc. Plus this group of gentleman are truly stand up guys. I really wanted to work with them, this being my second time working with Bryce.

 One Day Notice

One Day Notice

Imagine I’m a member of the audience. Why should I watch this film?

Because you want to have fun. Because you want to be thrilled, terrified, unsettled, and because you want to get some type of cathartic release from seeing someone else suffer and be pushed around by a crazy boss. But I'd also hope you'd want to watch it to support independent filmmaking, and artists who are bleeding in order to make this film happen.

How do personal and universal themes work in your film?

Our goal is to make the Sunset Boulevard for the new millennium. A deep character study, disguised as a noir thriller, that reveals the psychological effects of Hollywood's rotating door, and the lengths of ruthlessness one's willing to take as they try to claw their way back to the top. It's a film about the struggle to stay current, and the desire to reclaim the glory days instead of forging a new path.

How have the script and film evolved over the course of their development?           n
Throughout the course of development, we've found new sympathies for our antagonist. In starting out this project, it was really a question of what would you do if your boss held you hostage when you tried to quit. In keeping on and revising, it has become just as much - if not more so - about how much you would be willing to do to maintain the status you've achieved in your business. How far will you go to stay on top?

What type of feedback have you received so far?

One very encouraging piece of feedback we received was being honored as semifinalists in the Academy's Nicholl Fellowship for the feature version of the script. We have also gotten a lot of input from older folks in the industry, and many of them have related a lot to Ruth's plight; that struggle to stay relevant.

Has the feedback surprised or challenged your point of view?

We were initially surprised at how funny people thought the script was, but in rewriting we have turned into this curve, and really played up more of the dark comedy elements that are in play.

What are you looking to achieve by having your film more visible on www.wearemovingstories.com?

We're hoping this brings in a new audience who are interested in supporting the film, by either becoming a Indiegogo backer, or just by spreading the word about our campaign.

Who do you need to come on board (producers, sales agents, buyers, distributors, film festival directors, journalists) to amplify this film’s message?

The most pressing thing we need at the moment are backers. People looking to help make an awesome film. Every buck matters and goes a long way towards making this a reality. Outside of that, we are looking to bring on a Production Coordinator/Line Producer to help with production logistics.

Once the film is complete, the ultimate goal is to turn this into a feature, at which point, we'll need investors and anyone else that can get the film financed. It's a long journey, but we're all very passionate and determined about seeing it through.

 One Day Notice

One Day Notice

What type of impact and/or reception would you like this film to have?

Besides being the most successful thriller of all time? We would love for this film to spark a conversation about the female ageism found in Hollywood. I think it's easy to look at Ruth and think her delusion and craziness is what ultimately led to her downfall as an agent, but it's harder to dig deeper and ask HOW she ended up becoming so ruthless and insane. Ruth is a product of her environment. The misogyny, the casting aside because of her age, all of that has shaped the Ruth we meet in the film. Who would this person be if she were treated with the respect she deserved? Who would she be if she were never forgotten?

What’s a key question that will help spark a debate or begin a conversation about this film?

Is there an age limit to Hollywood? Does a person have an expiration date? How far are you willing to go to reclaim success?

Would you like to add anything else?

Check out our Indiegogo page, and please donate if you can. Ever dollar makes a difference, and every donation is greatly appreciated. We promise your money is going into making a great film.

What other projects are the key creatives developing or working on now?

Bryce Marrero is currently in post and finishing a short film that explores race relations in Hollywood. Matthew Kic and Mike Sorce are working on various pilots and features, as well as developing a digital project with Millennium Films.

Adam Lopez is currently in the rehearsal process for the theatrical run of Extremities by William Mastrosimone, playing Raul at The Sidewalk Studio Theatre in Burbank, the play runs all through the month of February 2018. To purchase tickets visit: https://extremitiesplay.brownpapertickets.com/



Interview: November 2017


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ONE DAY NOTICE is about a timid assistant who attempts to quit his job with one day notice, and his washed up talent-agent boss who gives him a final task: sign Hollywood’s most valuable A-list star... or die. This is SUNSET BOULEVARD meets MISERY.

Length: 20-25 minutes

Director: Bryce Marrero

Producers: Adam Lopez, Matthew Kic, Bryce Marrero, Mike Sorce

Writers: Matthew Kic & Mike Sorce

Key cast: Adam Lopez

About the writer, director and producer:

Bryce Marrero is a writer/director whose films have screened across the country. Recently, his film “HAIR” was selected by Issa Rae for #shortfilmsundays.

Matthew Kic and Mike Sorce forged their writing partnership as assistants at a talent agency. They have several projects in development with Millennium Film.

Adam Lopez has appeared in My Crazy Ex, 5th Street, Subprime, Deadspace: Chase to Death, and commercials for Little Caesars, Bud Light, and American Express.

Looking for: Line Producers/Production Coordinators, Locations, Investors, Backers

Website: https://www.onedaynotice.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onedaynotice/

Instagram: @onedaynoticemovie

Estimated completion:

Shooting in May 2018, Completed by September 2018, Premiere in January 2019