What is We Are Moving Stories?

We are moving stories is a new online platform. It broadcasts new voices in drama, documentary and journalism. We aim to attract diverse audiences. We will also offer feedback to our filmmakers from industry professionals including producers, distributors and sales agents.

Why are you different?

We accept up to 3 minute film excerpts from drama and documentary in development, production or completed. 50% of our contributors will be women.

How regularly will you be adding new films?

We will be adding films daily.

Do you accept international submissions?


What are the submission requirements?

When you submit a 1-3 minute excerpt via Dropbox we will upload it onto the platform. We also require up to 3 stills (CU, MS, WS) and the following info:

Name of film:
Short synopsis:
Looking for (producer, distributor, sales agent etc):

Contact Details:

Please email the founder Carmela Baranowska directly on: cbaranowska@protonmail.com or complete the below form.

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